Saturday, January 28, 2012

Craft Night Successes

Shout out to my Life Group ladies and our AWESOME craft night last night. Crafty juices were flowing. I have the pictures to prove it:

Both the crayon-art hearts and garland were Martha Stewart crafts. See this post for links to the projects on Martha's website. And then I decided to use the leftover cut-out hearts from the garland to spice up this window pane I found in someone's trash a couple of years ago. (I know- who throws this kind of stuff out?!)

It was hard to get a good pic because of the glare, but I used a needle and thread to string the hearts from top to bottom. Now the house is all cutesy and cheerful. As Ben said, "Sure are a lot of hearts around here..." He loves it ;)


Kelli Blinn said...

CUTE! Jealous of the friends you have there to do these things with and of the time you have to do it. With Z not napping and my evening time with Blinn so limited, my craftiness has been restrained a bit!

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

My daughter - is it Martha Martin or Sara Stewart? In all candor - sweet touches making a your home special; creating memories for your kids and all done so affordably! Best of all – with love. You’re something special Sara Martin <3

Martin05 said...

Omg Mom.... kinda feel like I'm in sixth grade and just got caught being at the mall with you on a Friday night (embarrassed). Thanks though... :)

Piland Family said...

Love it all! I just spent the day yesterday making the same heart garland, some V-day votives, and heart sun-catchers with Avery. Our house has also erupted with pink and red and Erich is just going to have to deal. Pinterest has awakened my inner crafter.

Your comment to your mom made me laugh.

I hope Avery and Norah will be over their sickness and well enough by Sunday that we can see you guys for the Super Bowl!