Friday, July 13, 2012


Ever since we moved into our house (it's been almost a year now!) I've always been a little bummed about our yard- or lack thereof. I remember seeing pics of the house on-line and was so excited to drive by it, only to be completely disappointed that it was a corner lot and had virtually no backyard. I almost discounted it as a prospect all together. So glad I didn't. It took a little convincing from Ben (and the Lord), but here we are. And I gotta say- I like our yard. It might not be private. No, not at all. It might not be large, just long and narrow. But we have shade back there all morning long, until about 1 o'clock. And the swing set is in the shade most of the day. The narrowness still allows for a game of catch. A big plus around here. The indistinct property line blends into the yard of some of the most warm and kind people, who welcome our kids and their mowers and bouncing balls right over the boundary. Happily. They have grown-children and are grandparents. They get it. What a blessing.

The deck is amazing. A mini yard in itself. An outdoor living room. And placing a gate at the end of it makes for the perfect play place for kiddos who want to be outside when Mama needs to be inside cooking dinner. And the privacy? I guess we don't really have anything to hide. Laying out in a bikini these days does not happen, for a few reasons... And actually it's quite great to see the neighbors going by. Golf carts putting along to the golf course nearby. Folks in their towels and flips flops coming back from the pool. People of all ages on a stroll to the park. Even a horse and carriage trotted by the other night while we had dinner on the deck. The established trees form a canopy over what I consider one of the most beautiful streets in Bowling Green, North Maple. We've got a great perspective of these beautifully aged homes and trees that beckon us from our back windows and yard. So as the kids and I spent a long morning outside this week I thought to myself, "I like our back yard." And so it is. I like it and rejoice in how it suits us. God knew. I'm usually just slow to embrace.

Picnic lunch on a perfect summer day.

Holdin hands swinging. Precious.

Another outdoor lunch.