Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet Moments

Asher has a friend named Penelope. She lives across the street and is at the sitter's house with him twice a week. Penelope is 3 and was wearing a green Tinkerbell costume with a bright pink long sleeved shirt and bright pink tights like a princess today, in honor of the royal wedding of course. Love it. Asher has a special affection for this little princess. One morning when Ben was getting him up for the day they went through their normal morning dialouge:

"Good morning buddy. Did you sleep good?"
"Did you have any dreams?"
"What did you dream about?"
PP is Asher's way of saying Penelope. How cute is that?

This evening while I was making dinner PP knocked on the door. "Can Asher come out to play?". Her dad was with her of course. Even though dinner was just about ready, we couldn't say no to this endearing invitation. So out the door goes our little guy. Holding hands with PP and her dad. Out to play. Over at the neighbors. Our little boy was across the street and we'd soon need to call him home for dinner. Strange and sweet all at the same time. And of course he loved every minute of it, resisting coming back inside with flailing limbs and all.

Once we all sat down at the table I was focused on getting Asher to eat the 2 food choices before him: applesauce and rice and beans. He chose to start with applesauce, but before he began eating he looked at Ben and I, "Pay?" he said and folded his hands. Right buddy, we need to pray. Insert melting heart. Oozing and gooing that our 1 1/2 year just asked to pray. Puddle of mush for this eat-your-heart-out moment. Goo.

So here are some pics that I thought I'd share to catch up on the past few weeks we've missed. Hope you enjoy!

4 month photo shoot

Cousin Colleen reading to Millie Easter weekend.
Asher about to crash in "Aunt" Maureen's arms. We traveled
to Cleveland last weekend and he was wiped from our ventures.
Asher shows off his Martin & Co. tee along with new
work boots from Grandpa Dietz.

This was today. Asher had his friend Zachari over for one
last play date before she moves out of BG tomorrow.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In BG This Weekend

Hi! I've missed you all. I have a plethora of pictures to share; Millie's 4 and 5 month shots and much more. I'll get to that later though. I just wanted to share some fun info. for you BGers, or anyone who might be near by and looking for something fun to do Saturday. It's BG's 19th Annual Art Walk. I've never been, but it sounds great! Be sure to check out the site and click on Visit the Show at the bottom. It will give you a PDF of all the events going on. There's a lot going on! I love this kind of stuff. I think the Martin fam will make an appearance at some point. Hope to see you there!