Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Week's Projects

Well, here goes. My first "Project of the Week". And call me feisty, but it will actually be 2, potentially 3 projects. I'm having a lil' craft night with the Life Group gals, so that makes for some extra time :) I'd like to create some V-day decor to spruce up the house a bit. I haven't been huge on Valentine's Day in the past, but I just can resist all the cute pinks and reds! Perfect for the bleakness of winter right now. Two of the projects are Martha Stewart inspired: here and here. The third is just something I saw in a gift shop. A vase filled with some red hots (you know, those tiny little red heart candies). The trick is that the vase still had live flowers in it. There was simply a smaller vase within in vase, and the candies filled in the space between. Something like this:

I just need to decide which candies to use. Conversation hearts, Vday M&M's, jelly benas, the red hots... Lots of possibilities! Hopefully I'll have some good pics of the finished products for you. Anyone else working on a little something this week?

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our backyard homestead said...

Awesome fun project Sara! I think I am going to join you in doing a project a week :) I think it is a great idea! Have fun with your lifegroup gals!