Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mouse/Mice Update

Ben did a great job summarizing these past weeks, minus one important event. Let's just call it revenge. We all know the mice first devoured the Dove Dark Chocolate Promises, which are a true luxury in our home. But once the rubber spatula and silicon pastry brush were destroyed, it was on. Of course when I picked up the pack of mouse traps at the store I had to stare at the grotesque illustration on the package. I dropped the traps. I choked. I couldn't buy them. Sure, these mice were eating their way through my kitchen drawers, but the thought of one of those furry little bodies contorted in a quick and cruel trap. I just couldn't do it. I didn't have such an issue w/poison, though. After a few days of clearing out the drawers and placing trays of "bait", our mouse problems ended. And we never had to see or touch our secret visitors :)

Like Ben mentioned in the previous post, Mom and Bill's wedding was wonderful. Click here to see pictures of this lovely event.

Also, please note that the orange dress I am wearing in the pics was almost taken off of me at another wedding we went to yesterday. To make a long story short, we were at a wedding of one of Ben's friends from his cohort, and this lady (who was a therapist- go figure) at our table mentioned to me that she wanted my dress. I told her she could get it a (which I don't think she's ever heard of). And then she calmly and with a hint of malice replied, "No, I WANT THE ONE YOU ARE WEARING". We never cease to encounter someone.... unique, at weddings we attend. Maybe we should compile a book of short stories. Seriously.

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David said...

You know what's interesting, I was just at the hardware store, and as I was perusing aisles, I saw the mouse traps' illustration and thought "sick...maybe i'll let the little guy's just hang if they find their way to my place." Poison is a good alternative. They are also a cheezy 80s band. As for the dress-lady, creepy x10.

Much love to you Martins!