Saturday, August 25, 2007

BG is no Paris

There's a great organization called Global Connections that serves the international community in BG. One of the services they provide is airport pick-up and temporary housing from the time international students get into BG until they can move into the residence hall or find an apt. Ben and I had signed up for temp. housing last summer and didn't get called, but we did this year! Lukka is from Paris, France. Not just outside of Pairs, or near Paris, but IN Paris. So as we drove home from the airport I thought, "How do you describe Bowling Green, OH to someone from one of the most highly acclaimed places in the world?" All I could muster up about BG was "It's no Paris..."

All in all, the experience was great. It was almost like having a kid. Making sure he had a key if we're not home, had a ride to and fro, what time will you be home for dinner?, etc. Being a part of the Alliance church has done wonders for me actually getting my eyes opened to this world of missionaries and how desperately they need our prayers, where they live, and what it's like there. And then interacting with a person from a very different place who has traveled the world and knows all about the US and its politics really makes me aware of just HOW uncultured I am. How self absorbed I am. I'm pretty convinced most of America is, but do we really realize that the rest of the world outside the states has its eyes on us? Just a crazy thought for me.

Be sure to ask us more about our experience sometime. We've got some good stories.


David said...

i'm with you there, sister. I think I am most awoken when I interact with someone so different than I. I live in a bubble too often. I think it's great for the Kingdom that you have opened your house to the Global Connection. Kudos.

In Christ.

David said...

*brother and sister