Tuesday, July 10, 2007

105 Pages

Wow...I (Ben) just completed the typing of my Bible-in-a-year notes. Sara and I embarked on a journey last August through April (Bible in 9 months is more accurate) with our friends from Cru.

We read at breakneck pace drinking big draughts of Scripture (Approximately 36 chapters a week). We then had the privilege of meeting with a small group once a week under the teaching and direction of Steve Rieske--which, if you ever have the chance of listening to Steve I highly recommend.

I took copious notes each Wednesday evening and nearly 12 months after the start and 105 typed pages later the experience is over. Well, sort of. I reflect back on what I learned often and will keep these notes available for future readings.

Tonight I am pondering the statement: "Christianity is not about rules; it's about saving us from rules we can't keep." (from our discussion on Romans I believe) Oh how I have a hard time fully embracing this--even though I desperately need it. Somehow I want to prove I'm alright and look good for God (or at least myself) Truth be told, I can't even meet my own standards--let alone God's.

11:00 pm is late for me these days (when did that happen?)...good night, and sleep well in the relentless grace of the cross tonight.


Erin said...

Hey Sarah--I got your message about the Ann Arbor art fair. Actually, we're now not going to be able to make it. It was going to be too much crammed into one weekend (we'd have to drive 3 hours there and 3 hours back in one day). But if you go, maybe you'll get to see my brother's booth. His name's Derek Wolford, and he does customized paintings from photographs. He'll be showing a piece he did from one of Craig's and my wedding photos--he's pretty awesome! Talk to you soon :)

Paula said...

The thing that I have learned through my vast years of searching and failing that God loves us anyways. It can be baffling at times until that is you have kids. Kids try so hard to get it right - even though they are too young to know what right is. I believe that is how He looks at us. To Him we are just kids trying so hard to please our Father - even when we fail He still (I feel) smiles down at us and gently picks us up, gives us a smile and says "I may not like what you did but I still love you - and that my child will never change no matter what you do." I tell Connor that and we both feel better. May be I am just trying to make myself feel better because I have stumbled alot over the years but I really don't think so.
Hey it is late (10:32 pm - when did that happen?!?!) Love you both and will send pix of the kids soon!