Sunday, July 8, 2007


I (Ben) love music. It speaks to my soul. It calms me down or revs me up. The artists I enjoy most have a remarkable ability to articulate the emotion of the heart (or my heart at least). Two such artists that come to mind are Matthew Perryman Jones and Andrew Osenga. So, when I saw they were playing a concert together last Friday (7/6) I thought--why not go? Of course, it was in Nashville and we live 7 hours away...

Sara and I packed up the car and headed out for our grand Nash-venture. It was an amazing trip. A friend once commented that Kentucky was "God's country" and I'm beginning to think she might be right. Beautiful scenery. We arrived in Nashville with time to spare and toured the honkey-tonks--you aren't missing much.

The show was at a great little intimate venue called "The Rutledge". MPJ and Andy O rocked out--it was an amazing concert. Worth every minute of driving. Sara and I talked with them after the show and they were super pumped we drove so far. (I had posted on Andy's blog we were coming.) Matthew was especially kind about it thanking us and even giving us a hug! Unexpected for sure--but that made the trip more than worth it.

As an extra bonus we spent the night with the Edingers, who cook gi-normous pancakes and had lunch with the one and only Josh Coy. See what can happen when you are spontanious?

(Sara, Matthew Perryman Jones, Andrew Osenga, and Me)


Ted said...

Oh come on...the pancakes weren't that big!! :o) Loved having you guys should take more Nashville adventures!!!!!!

brian childs said...

hey man! nice blog, thanks for letting me know. hopefully, you've been able to follow along from my time here in africa from my blog. Take care, kids

Josh said...