Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little Helper

So many things to do... So little time... Wah, wah, wah... I don't think life will ever be rid of things to do. And nor do I naively await a time in which things will "slow down". There is always something and that's just life. Moms and homemakers especially cannot easily escape their jobs. They dwell in the places they work and kids always need to be cared for no matter what their age. So, as I have come to this awakening, I've been trying to incorporate Asher in some of the things I'd typically wait until nap, bedtime or the early morning to get done. I've even captured some sweet shots of this hands-on little guy.

Our neighbor gave him his very own,
Asher-sized watering can.

His first attempt at unloading the silverware.
Not sure if he liked standing at the top of the step stool
or getting to handle adult-sized utensils more. It's a toss up.


Kaity said...

Absolutely adorable!! Praying for you guys each day as you pack up and move!! Let us know if you need anything!

Ellen said...

these shots outside are so precious - so precious