Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mama Time

Asher had it pretty rough once we got back from the hospital. A combination of a cold and low-grade fever, getting molars and experiencing emotions that he's never had and very few ways to express them can make for one unhappy little guy. Thanksgiving Day and the few days before it were the worst. But once all of the out-of-town family left and we got back to our normal routine, we started to get our sweet little man back. And he's back to giving open mouth kisses to his sissy.

Here's Asher getting some much deserved cuddle time when he was feeling sick. (I enjoyed every minute of that little, drippy-nosed head glued to my chest)

Then after his 15 month check-up, while Grammy stayed with Millie, I took him to BG's one and only "small" for a train ride. Boy did we get our $3 worth, but that's a whole other story... :)

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Mr. E said...

the "small" is still around?? :)