Friday, December 10, 2010

3 Weeks

Mills turned 3 weeks new on Wednesday. It's taken me some getting used to the newborn scene again. I forgot how much they need to be held. This requires some creative maneuvering in order to be able to play with Asher or eat. Or do anything. But I do appreciate how babies force you to slow down. Their need to be touched and fed says, Hey, why don't cha take it easy? Enjoy me and my tininess. I won't be utterly dependent on you forever! You might even miss that some day... It's the art of letting go. Hard for a "doer" such as myself, but a lesson I want to learn well and carry with me throughout life. Particularly during the Christmas season I want to let go of the needless distractions and think of the birth of Jesus himself. Emmanuel. God with us. What a concept.


Emma said...

so cute!! looks like Asher loves her!

Kaitlyn said...

She is SO cute!!! What a sweetheart. Hopefully I can meet your little ones soon if I come to BG :o)

Laura said...

You are so right. Babies relentlessly teach us to live in the now. And more importantly they remind of us the holiness as they come to us, "trailing clouds of glory."