Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Caged In?!

I could see the large box on the doorstep as we approached the house.
Buddy... Mama's special package is here. Get excited...
I had ordered the Superyard XT after several different strategic placements of chairs and ottomans failed to dissuade Asher from climbing the bookcase, the floor lamp, eating cords. You know how the story goes.

So, while a part of me feels badly for "caging" my son, a bigger part of me feels happy with the idea of him being able to play safely and still have some room to crawl around while I'm in the bathroom or cooking dinner. Not to mention that the time is coming when I'll have my hands full with a newborn who needs nursing!

Maybe someday we'll spend our house budget money on something fun like a new kitchen floor. Maybe. Someday. But for now,
I'll take a peace of mind over new pieces of tile on the floor :)

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Emma said...

My mom had one of those when jake and i were little. Ask her to see some photos sometime-very funny.