Monday, July 13, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

I think it's safe to say that anyone who has spent even a small amount of time in BG has at least heard of, if not experienced, our one and only Dairy Queen. Grandfathered-in and exempt from the corporate portion sizes and prizes, our DQ serves it UP. The Blizzard seems to be most popular with the ice cream far surpassing the rim of the cup and sometimes that overflow of goodness even equals the size of the original container it's served in. Anyone who has seen the size of a small and knowingly orders anything larger would be considered a glutton. Being that DQ is a whole 1/4 mile (if that) from our house, Ben and I tend to support the venue with regular visits. I'm always urging him to split a Blizzard with me, but 99% of the time he cannot resist the peanut butter sundae with that salty/sweet peanut sauce. Our past two visits I have reluctantly (because of the size) ordered myself a small Blizzard to eat on my own. (I've most recently gotten the Brownie Batter, fab. if you're wanting chocolate, and Chocolate-dipped Strawberry, wonderfully refreshing but still full of chocolately chunks). Both times after arriving home I've experienced the "that was too much" feeling. It's even prevented me from sleeping well. Because of this, I have officially decided to not order Blizzards anymore; it's simply too much for me. I did consider asking the dedicated DQ workers if they would make my small even smaller, but I feel like I'd be breaking some sort of unspoken rule, or be looked at as ungrateful or something. It just didn't seem right. I will, however, gladly consider splitting a Blizzard with another person. There is a new Tagalong Blizzard out which features the ever-loved Girl Scout cookie and DQ peanut butter sauce and luckily Erin Kessler has already agreed to split that one with me. I hope these thoughts don't upset or offend my fellow DQ followers, I am just glad to have come to a place where I am able to draw the line for myself and offer others this opportunity to split a Blizzard with me :)


Ted and Shana said...

Oh my gosh!! I was laughin' so hard!! I miss that DQ!!!! -TedE

Erin said...

Sara! I must confess... I have recently indulged myself in the Tagalong Blizzard - which I would like to say, was amazing. However, I feel like I cheated on you... So, Me, You, + small Tagalong blizzard, have a date... SOON! haha