Friday, July 10, 2009

35 Weeks

35 weeks and still going strong. I feel like I have plenty of energy and the baby is doing great. Dr. felt the head a few days ago so we know he's in the right position and so far I'm 1 cm dilated. Seems like things are progressing well :)


Amy said...

You look stunning! I am finally checkin' your blog regularly! I like your life best in live you!!!!

Mr. Ted Edinger said...

Hey! We're not going to be coming up after all. :( We kind of feel Margaret needs to be a bit older for such a big trip(we're going to BG, southern Ohio, and PA). PLUS..I'm in summer session for grad school...and it goes through the end of the month(and is a lot of work EVERY DAY!) SO...we have a fall break in Oct. for a week..we think we'll try then!!