Monday, June 8, 2009


It's Monday, June 8th, my first day of summer vacation. It's raining and dreary and I couldn't care less! The future that the Lord is building before me has me dizzy with excitement, praise and thankfulness. Today I'll have my first Brookside "staff" meeting with Kevin and George to begin to transition me into my part-time admin. position. I can't wait to serve the Lord in such a way and to be able to use the gifts and talents he has given me. Not to mention, how sweet will it be to walk up to the new office space that's above Finders instead of trucking it 35 minutes up to Toledo?! Baby Martin will even be able to join me while he's a little peanut babe. (and no, we don't know if he's a he, but I don't like calling him or her "it")

I'm also starting to get my hands on the guest room which will be baby's room. It's so fun to envision colors, arrange furniture in my head and think of our little one who will inhabit the space. All of our the gifts we have gotten so far are organized and waiting to be put to use. My mom threw a wonderful shower this past weekend in Cleveland with friends and family. Man I miss all of you guys I don't see so often! Thanks for your love and generosity that has blown my mind. You love well.

Click here to see pics from showers

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