Saturday, March 7, 2009

I heart DR

So I really want one of those I heart NY style tees, but not to profess my love for the Big Apple; Dave Ramsey is the one I/we love. Ben and I took Dave's Financial Peace University class about 3 years ago and it has changed our lives- no exaggeration. With Dave's debt snowball plan we eagerly began focusing on paying off our smallest loan first. Once Ben's car was paid off, then the money that was normally set aside for his car was added onto my car payment. After my car was taken car of, both car payments were added on to Ben's school loans and finally, my scary, nearly $20,000 school loan. It's been quite a process pouring every extra dollar or unforeseen monetary gift toward our debts, but last Sunday, March 1st we eliminated the rest of my loan and we're free! Of course there's still the mortgage, but tackling that won't come for another few steps in Dave's plan. And despite our love and respect for Dave Ramsey, we are ultimately praising God who is our provider and the giver of every good and perfect gift. We want to honor Him with our life and with what He give us. Please join us in praising Him for allowing us to reach this milestone and even before our sweet babe arrives!


Trinity said...

Did you guys call into the radio show and scream "WE'RE DEBT FREE!"? Congratulations to both of you. And praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

super duper guys!!!! Way to go! I remember the day we paid ours off, it was so fun and then the company just sent us this blah letter -not even a congratulations or a balloon or a smilie face or nothing!
So here's yours S&B- YAHOO!!!!:)Congratulations 0- (my balloon for you).

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is awesome, you guys! What an awesome model of financial responsibility. We know so many people around our age who have let their debt get out of control and are desperately trying to backpedal--it's so encouraging to hear about a couple being proactive and going the other direction. You guys rock!

Piland Family said...

First of all, congrats on being debt free! That is AWESOME and definitely worth celebrating!
Second, we are open for visitors and would love to see you guys anytime! Just let us know when would work for you.
Third, I need a new belly pic update. How are you feeling? Hope all is well!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys! That is so encouraging. We are getting very close as debt free, not another baby;)

Jeni and Jeff