Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting Cultured

This past Saturday I went on a shopping trip to some international markets around Toledo. The trip was put on by Global Connections, a non-profit org. comprised of various churches and ministries that aims to serve international students at BGSU. There were 8 international students, plus Marisa, her 2 year-old son Liam, myself and David (our faithful van driver). We went to an Asian store, a Mediterranian store (with an amazing eatery- yay hummus) and an Indian store. The students were so excited to purchase food from some of the delis in the stores for us Americans to try. I was nervous tasting some of it for the first time thinking: Please don't let me gag... , but I would have never experienced those kinds of food otherwise. It was all very good and reminded me of just how uncultured I am when it comes to food- and many other things as well.

Then later that evening, my dear friend Nisha (from India) whom I met at a Global Connections event in the fall, came over to Amy's house and cooked for 5 of us! We were all taking notes on just how to make her amazing lentil soup served over rice with nan on the side. She went easy on us and didn't add too much spice and my was it good! She even made Chai tea from scratch later on. I must say that it was sure nice to step out of my American bubble a bit. I need to do that more often. There's a whole world out there and it's literally right in front of my face.

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Erin said...

That's so fun! It's been so sweet to see God growing your heart for the international community!