Friday, February 29, 2008

A surreal lunch

So, a colleague of mine offered to take me to lunch today on campus. We ate at the Kriescher Sundial. Surreal. That was the residence hall I lived in for 3 years as an undergraduate student at BGSU. I ate breakfast (when I could make it up), lunch, and dinner (except pizza & movie Friday nights) everyday for 3 years. I just couldn't get over being back in there. I enjoyed a salad and slice of pizza. Apparently iceburg lettuce at the Dial is still equivalent to the going rate of gold (who knew?). As we enjoyed our lunch I studied the undergrads around. I could see Rich, Erich, Matt, Brad, Dave, Pete, Jeff, Jared, Bryan, Craig, the twins, was crazy. But good.

I'm officially on spring break. I have BIG plans. Mostly it involves studying for my upcoming comprehensive exams (2 years of class material, 3 questions, 6 hours, one Saturday in April, 0 pressure--right). I may also get the taxes taken care of too. So, don't expect crazy break stories from me.

That's all for now.

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TedE said...

Love the new pic!!! You guys are too cute.