Monday, February 25, 2008

Matthew Perryman Jones

A couple of fun happenings to fill you in on. Most of you know I (Ben) have an affinity for music. Especially acoustically driven, dark, melancholy, and deep music. Matthew Perryman Jones would be a perfect example.

So any chance to see MPJ in concert is one I (and Sara) must take. Beginning of February we drove to Cincinnati to catch him open for Ingrid Michaelson. Just Matthew and his acoustic guitar--and it was beautiful. He played Meghan's Song (for his wife), Motherless Child, Refuge, Rainbow Connection (with parts Kermit the Frog, Eddie Vedder, and Aaron Neville--scary good impersonations), and Beneath the Silver Moon. A small set but worth every penny and mile.

So yeah, for those of you who listen to anything I might say buy Matthew Perryman Jones' music.


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