Wednesday, July 25, 2007



It's been a while since we've had a post, mostly because not much significant has happened, although I think August will prove to be an eventful month. The other reason is I (Ben) have been swimming in class work and life stuff...I had about 8 papers to write by next Wednesday (Aug 1) and a sermon to work on for this Sunday (7/29) so it's been busy. I'm 3 papers in and the sermon is written--so thank God for that! Sara has been especially great and understanding during this stressful time. Marriage is a good thing.

Other than that our mouse that Sara got such a kick out of at first is getting annoying. It is chewing Sara's spatula and oven mitts. The laughing has stopped and it's now affectionately known as the little bastard. We will be purchasing traps soon.


Erin said...
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Anonymous said...

"the little bastard"--I love it!!

David said...



Ted said...

KILL's what's for dinner!!