Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Round Here

So I've come to realize that I haven't posted much about the kids as of late. We've been having good times and this past weekend we had an especially great time since Uncle Joe and Aunt Lucy came to visit! I thought I'd share some pics from that. And if you want even more of the Martin kiddos, you can click here.

The kids got some awesome Easter baskets from their
favorite Aunt and Uncle :)

Even Buster got in on the Easter fun

We colored eggs, which was far less fun for Asher than I thought it would be.
It's really just a lot of waiting around... and Millie "supervised" from her high chair.

I tried making my own dye. The yellow (made from boiled carrot and caraway seed water) was the least successful. It had to soak forever to get the color shown below. The light purple was made from frozen blueberries and the pinks were dyed with boiled beet water.
Some of them turned out kind of speckled or streaky, but it looked kinda cool in the end.
It was fun to try but I think next year I'll just stick with the store-bought kind.

My bunnies. So bummed Millie is blurry!

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Courtney said...

Very cute, Martin Family! I think all 3 bunnies (Asher, Millie and Buster) are adorable :)