Saturday, February 25, 2012

More projects

It's been creatively freeing to be doing projects on a regular basis now. Somehow, it's uplifting to my soul. Maybe it's bringing beauty into my home, or sending thoughts and love to others, or the feeling of accomplishment. Regardless, I'm digging it. Thanks Pinterest for the inspiration. What an awesome way for people to inspire each other.

This week I gave crocheting a try. A sweet sister and gifted teacher from our Life Group, Joy, showed us the ropes of chaining and single and double crochet stitching. I didn't get very far, but I got a good taste of it and would love to make more time to master the technique. I liked the challenge and can't think of the last time I really learned or was taught how to do something new. It's humbling and tested my patience and perseverance!

2 weekends ago, Ben and I did some house projects while Asher visited Nana. Here are before and after shots of our guest bedroom. From shocking yellow to smokey purple. The purple turned out almost exactly as I had envisioned. I love it when that happens!

Who wants to come stay with us??? :)

I was really excited to unpack my craft and card-making things and organize them into the desk in there. Really? A desk just for paper crafts? I even made use of this awkward little closet just outside the guest room. I'm thinking it used to hold guns, hence the 2 dead blots on it, but now, behold the gift wrap closet. Bags, bows, boxes, tissue paper and more. All easy access. What a blessing! I kept thanking the Lord over and over again for abundant blessings like these. Really, how sweet to have places and spaces to suit my organizational desires.

Brilliant idea for the ribbon holder from Pinterest!

The green box holds little gifts that I pick up now and then
if I see something I know a friend would like, or just gifts
to have on hand for any occasion. Don't peek!

Check out the locks. Never has gift wrap been so safe and secure ;)

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Amber said...

sara...did you paint that dresser? i think i have the same one. painted too! LOVE the guest room. we'll visit!