Friday, October 7, 2011

Project Let's-Get-Some-Stuff-DONE

Last weekend Asher went to Nana and Grandpa Bill's (or Gampa Bol as Asher would say). We've got some before and after shots of projects that we worked on and finished! How lovely it was to be able to start something and see it through to a final product!

Here is a shelving unit I picked up at a garage sale for $8.
(Thank you purple house ladies)
After sanding it down and a few coats of paint, it makes a perfect shelf for Asher's room!
I added this cute fabric over the peg board backing for a personal touch. I'd like
to make valances out of this same fabric. Asher loves his doggies :)

While I worked on the shelf a few other things out in the garage, Ben was busy adding some color to Millie's room. I wanted to do a deep teal to contrast with her white furniture and pink bedding and valances. We kept two of the walls a neutral since the teal was really bold and I think it would have been a little too much to have the entire room done in that color. Will post more pics once we get her wall hangings up.


Hi! I LOVE having my own room.


And quite possibly my favorite part of the weekend, Sunday afternoon my girl and I walked downtown to run some errands. Just mother, daughter and Moby wrap.


our backyard homestead said...

love how your projects turned out! great idea with the shelving unit :)

Amber said...

beautiful room for millie! and fun shelf it!

Thad and Michelle said...

I am so impressed! You are such an awesome mom! I get so many good ideas from you!

Laura said...

I never would have "seen" such a vast improvement for that shelf. You've got vision, for the big stuff as well as for shelving units!

As for Grandpa's name. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was Grandpa Bull...

Kelli Blinn said...

A few things: 1) The shelf for Asher looks fab. Good job, you thrifty mama! 2) The color in Millie's room is perfect... and makes me want to use it somewhere in our next place. 3) Is Millie still wearing that knit hat of Z's? So tiny, your tot is! And I've commented on the silver shoes before, but seriously, they rock.