Thursday, September 22, 2011


It's true. I've been gossiping about my son lately. Daily. Particularly at meal times.

Millie, do you think that Asher can take a big bite of his egg? It would be really cool if he did...

Out of the corner of my eye I see Asher look up and take a big ol' bite out of the egg he was refusing to eat.

Wow Millie! Did you see that? Asher took a HUGE bite. I'm really impressed.

Why this works I do not know, but I gossip during most every meal these days. It works well with praise too.

Papa, did you know that Asher shared really well with Sissy today? Yep, he sets such a good example for her...

Of course I speak directly to my child as well, but this is a nice way of mixing things up. Who doesn't like to hear good things being spoken about them?


Anonymous said...

We use this at CRC haha:) "Third party conversations" work wonders with (some) kids!

Ellen said...

I just love the stash.... My Ashman... <3