Friday, August 12, 2011

AJM- 2 Years and Counting...




The arrival of August 12th, 2011 means that Asher is 2 years old. Ben and I couldn't wait to celebrate this day with him now that he is more aware of special occasions, gifts and the like. We stayed up late assembling the car table I found on clearance at Meijer. I hung the Birthday banner and topped off the arrangement with some boons. When Asher awoke we explained to him about this very special day.
There's a special surprise for you downstairs buddy.
Sa prize? Down stairs?
Yep, do you wanna go see it?
Ben had a the video camera ready. I couldn't wait to see his expression. What would he say? Would he give a WOW or a Coooool ? Or how about just whining and a mini-tantrum when I put him down? Didn't see that one coming.

Turns out the little man has the birthday barfies. Yep. He barfed. What an ugly word to say and read now that I look at it... Anyway, our best guess is its the rain water he guzzled out of the water table the other night. He had a few, GOOD swigs of the standing water that's probably infested with all kinds of yuckies. I remember thinking to myself, Well, if he gets sick, we know why... Gross. Poor kiddo.

Nevertheless, here's the Bday scene that was waiting for him this morning:

On the up-side, Asher wanted to go back to bed and Millie's down for her morning nap which is why I am sitting here blogging. I'll need to make a post about the big move and share some helpful hints about the moving process. Check back soon!

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Emma said...

;( poor guy! That's no fun!