Friday, July 8, 2011

5 Ways That Simple, Frugal Living Benefits Kids

A dear family friend who had a good deal to do with my up-bringing wrote an article that encapsulates so much of what I desire for my family and children. More and more I find myself leaning toward this idea of slow, intentional, frugal living and parenting. Not there yet, but I'm steering in this direction. Find the fabulous article here.


Laura said...

Thanks Sweetie!

our backyard homestead said...

great article! i posted it on my facebook page :) thanks for sharing!

so great and so hard...i am totally not there yet, but really hope to get closer!

Colleen said...

great article. i was thinking the other day, "i hope i remember how to allow my kids to just be creative and learn how to entertain themselves rather then pop them infront of a video game, tv, movie" ect.