Friday, February 11, 2011


2 pairs of boots
6 pairs of shoes
4 belts
9 sweaters
12 pairs of pants
4 pj bottoms
5 skirts
19 tops

That's 62 items of clothing that will be escorting themselves out of my home this Sunday. Yup, we're doing the Great Clothes Swap again this year. And this time I ain't holdin' nothing back. There's one less bin in the attic and more space under the bed. Less crap cluttering my head. Seriously, what did I have that many clothes for? My closet is still full. I'm not running around in the buck here. I am flabbergasted at myself. And not in a good way...


David said...

I know my Sarah liked those clothes swaps. glad to hear they're still going strong. :)

Amber said...

sarah, i'm having the first oxford clothes swap tomorrow! what winter fun! and i'm encouraged by you getting rid of more...i'm decluttering tonight!