Thursday, December 23, 2010

Got Christmas Cards?

I hate the idea of hundreds of thousands of Christmas cards just being tossed in the trash. And while most of them can be recycled, I came up with an even better thing to do with those greetings that are just too beautiful to be read and forgotten about. For a while now I've been a greeting card "pirate" if you will. I save them and file them under different categories: Congratulations, Baby, Wedding, Birthday, etc. Many of them can be cut or torn apart and pieced together to make a perfectly new and adorable card. Here are a couple of Christmas cards that I gave new life to this year:

Nothing fancy or too complex, but they work! I found the cards and envelops at Hollo's for CHEAP. When we bought card stock for our wedding invites it was $1 a pound. Granted, that was 5 years ago, but this place is a scrapbooker's/cardmaker's dream. Definitely worth the trip out there to stock up every now and again.

This year I used some old cards to make ornaments. I got the idea from a women's Christmas gathering we had for church last year, only we used scrapbook paper. So I found a bucket of cookie cutters (at none other than the famous, incredible, never-know-what-you're-gonna-find, Aldi). Then I sorted through some old Christmas cards and traced whatever cutter looked best on the front of the card. Using clear glue, I outlined the cutter with the glue and stuck on the cut-out shape. I did leave just a little cut in the top of the shape for room to stick the ribbon or string through. And here's what I got:


Colleen said...

love these sara

Laura said...

What a fantastic idea. I save card fronts (cut with my Granny's pinking shears or other funky lines) to use as gift tags the next year. Livens up plain tissue paper nicely. But your ideas are gorgeous!