Monday, November 1, 2010

1 Week to go... ! :)

Really? Is my due date really a week from today? Hooray! I can hardly stand the anticipation. How will it happen this time? What are the odds that my water will break at midnight on the due date again? Will this labor be even "better, easier, faster" than the last? Will nursing be like no big deal? Will she look like her brother? How will Asher react? I cannot wait to announce her name to the world:
________ ________ Martin. Our sweet little girl.

Here I am at 39 weeks with that beach ball belly. Feeling and sleeping wonderfully, trying to stay active. Praise the Lord for such an enjoyable pregnancy!


our backyard homestead said...

hooray! how fun is this.... I can't wait to hear her little name and see pictures of this sweet lil girl!

Kaity said...

You're adorable!! Such a pretty prego mommy!!

Thad and Michelle said...

Sara you look great! I love the shorter hair cut too! I cannot wait to hear of the arrival of baby girl Martin! And I can't wait to hear how Ashe responds! My love to the whole Martin family! Exciting times!