Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girlfriends and the Pumpkin Patch

There are few things that are more special than the bond that women share just by simply being women. Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. While our fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and male companions provide rich and irreplaceable relationships as well, there's just something about being with the girls. A few of my closest girlfriends decided to honor and celebrate our little girl-to-be this weekend. How sweet it was to sit around some steaming soup and my favorite treats just talking about motherhood, birth stories, whatever the topic, all unfiltered. I am already praying for our sweet girl to be as richly blessed as I have been with the women in my life. What a precious, precious gift. These women love well.

The second half of our Saturday was spent at a nearby pumpkin patch. Just had to grab the opportunity to snap some sweet fall pics. Hope you enjoy!

Our little pumpkin has been standing on his own and taking more and more steps each day.

Looks like Mama is hiding her own pumpkin under her shirt. Asher's favorite seat!

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Colleen said...

do i see a little of your brother in him?