Monday, September 6, 2010

Life Update

Since Asher's big birthday month we've just been rolling along enjoying the final days of summer. Here are some tidbits for ya:

-Baby girl is 31 weeks and doing just fine. I am measuring about 2 weeks ahead of where I "should" be so it's possible we'll have a bigger gal or she may come a little early??? Who really knows, that's just what they say... I feel great and have had a lot of energy. Getting very excited for another birthing experience and to meet our little lady.

-Our house comes off the market in 10 days. It's been 6 month so we will take the winter to think about pray about what may or may not be ahead. Add on? Put her back up for sale in the spring? We are very much at peace and are thankful for our home and neighbors. We have everything we need here and I'm ready to start making some space for baby girl in the back corner of our bedroom. Just a little space, but hers nonetheless until she gets the sleeping thing down and is ready to move in with big brother :)

-We have found a double stroller on Craigslist and are getting it this Thursday. Very excited about this versatile stroller after reading reviews and evaluating our needs. Next up is a convertible car seat for Asher since we'll put the baby in the infant seat he's in now.

-Asher continues to be a joy and we are just having a blast with him. Got to spend a day last weekend in Columbus with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Debbie at the Cbus Zoo which was just too much fun. He's saying "Hi" to anyone and everyone and loves to rough house with Papa. He's going to be a great big brother. A little, big brother that is :)

Some shots from our day at the Columbus Zoo:


Sharon said...

Love Asher's face on the merry-go-round!

Amber said...

getting close sara! i'm excited to see pics of baby 2...and sad i'm missing asher's talking! he's such a cute bubba! thanks for being my 'blog fan' inspire me to keep going...i think, "what if sara needs another post?" i def have at least 2 readers now! :)

Thad and Michelle said...

I can't believe you are due so soon! Sounds like you are ready! I can't wait to see her and hear what wonderful name you picked this time! I'm thinking about you lots as your due date grows closer! Love you guys!