Tuesday, August 3, 2010

5 Years, 1 1/2 kids and a Week Away

This past Saturday, July 31st, Ben and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. We always thought that 5 years would be an ideal amount of time to be married before having kiddos. I love that we are so often wrong about what we think is best; that God's will always trumphs our own "perfect" plans.

Ben took a week's worth of vacation time last week as we toured the great state of Ohio. We started things off in Cleveland visiting family and friends and using the tickets that Ben got to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for Christmas last year.

Then we headed out to Pymatuning Lake with Grandpa Dietz for 4 fun filled, relaxed days of camping.

Finally, we spent this past weekend in Columbus visiting Grandpa and Grandma Martin who took care of the little man while Mama and Papa spent an evening celebrating and reflecting on the 5 years that have come and gone...


Memories said...

congrats to you...5 years already! time flys bye =)

David said...

seems like we were just in that Methodist church yesterday. Congrats (& congrats) to you guys. Keep on!