Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Purposeful Motherhood

Some time ago I came across a wonderfully stirring blog: Inspired to Action. It's another one of those blogs by a mom who has the amazing ability to mother full time and come up with awe inspiring blog posts like everyday. What... Even though this mom seems to have it all together which is kind of obnoxious (I know a lot of people appear to be that way but then are really just messes, but this lady might be the real deal), she has some very, well, inspiring messages. One of them being about purposeful motherhood. I really needed to read this. Trust me, never have I enjoyed a job more than being a full time mama. But it's easy to lose that vision, purpose, whatever you want to call it amidst the everyday mundane. So I took "Kat's" advice and came up with a mission statement to keep coming back to monthly, weekly, daily even. Here's what I came up with. And friends, please feel free to hold me to this!

To give love and patience continually, to not just teach the Lord’s ways but also to live them, to foster a healthy lifestyle both physically and emotionally, to encourage my children to be sensitive to others, the earth and people around the world.

This is just one statement that's a part of a bigger mission statement in conjunction with other roles in my life: Christ follower, wife, homemaker. Here are the steps I followed if you're interested in gaining focus in all/any areas or your life through a mission statement. Please share if you decide to take the plunge!


shelby said...

very inspiring & thank you for sharing good resources! i've been reading & thinking a lot more about intentional living, so it's fun to see others that also have purposeful or intentional living/parenting on the brain! your mission statement rocks! :)

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

I’m glad you like the blog! I love your mission statement. Well done!

And, um, I definitely do not have it all together. I’m often learning as I’m blogging.

And if you need more proof that I’m quite the goof:

Anonymous said...

Wow... and to think that intentional and inspired woman is my daughter. All I can say is - thank you Lord.