Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Camper

Every summer of our childhood, Joe and I went camping with our family on Pymatuning Lake which gives a fabulous view of the Pennsylvania shoreline. In the early years we tent camped. Then we progressed to a pop-up camper and finally a hard-sided trailer with bunk beds! My dad still keeps the tradition alive, but now with a most impressive camper with all of the luxeries of home. That's my kinda camping. Asher and I decided to join him for a short trip last week and the little guy impressed us with his natural camping abilities. (Mainly he slept well in his Pack 'n Play and loved being outside all day long) Here's some video footage of our camping adventure. We can't wait to go back!

Asher's First Camping Trip from Sara Martin on Vimeo.


Humphrey. said...

Sara! I just came across your blog today and just read like the last year of your life! It was so sweet and inspiring to hear your mommyhood adventures, recipes, and life lessons. Congrats on the baby girl! Looking forward to hearing more...Sarah Humphrey

P.S. I got your sweet comment back in the day on my blog (which I have since deleted...I was a lazy blogger!). So belated thanks! :)

Thad & Michelle said...

These videos are so cute Sara! You're going to have to teach me how to do this! It was so great seeing you guys the other day! Asher is amazing! We love him!