Monday, May 24, 2010

Love the sun!

What seemed to be an average day turned out to extra sweet and fun. Babies are amazingly calmed by the outdoors- even fussy, teething ones :) Therefore, Asher and I headed to the back yard and found a shady spot under a tree. There is a crazy cottonwood tree somewhere around us and literally looked as if it were snowing while we laid there, rolling around and reading books. After a while Asher just quietly lay on his tummy, staring at God's creation. After a long while he eventually dozed off for his afternoon nap and I got some great reading time in! The only problem was that the sun crept up our blanket invading our shade, but an average umbrella was big enough to give the guy his shade back.

After he woke and we both ate, we transitioned to the pool which had heated up quiet nicely! Asher just loved splashing around and clapping in the water. Only problem is that he wants to crawl in the too-deep water.

It's interesting to think that this time last year I was doing similar things: sitting in the yard and reading, wading in the pool, but now these things are all better! I can't help but be amazed at how the Lord has blessed us with such a wonderful boy and simple pleasures. Thank you Jesus.

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David said...

Sun and kiddos...God's a great Father. Fun post, Martins.