Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taking Cloth Diapering a Step Further

I love cloth diapering. Sure it was a chunk of change to hand over upfront, but it has paid off tenfold. And knowing that each diaper is being reused and not needlessly thrown away makes my green spirit sing. However, when I read about cloth wipes, I was a bit skeptical. It just sounded extreme (and nasty). But when I really thought about it, it made perfect sense. I'm already doing the laundry and it's actually more convenient to throw the dirty wipes into the diaper pail where things are already dirty, than it is to throw them in an open, lidless trash can that doesn't prevent odors from emanating.

So, I took some used receiving blankets made from organic cotton and cut them into 8X8 squares. Then I folded them in half and stuck them an old Huggies container. Instead of pouring a soap solution directly onto the wipes (I feared that the ones on bottom might get a bit mildewy) I filled a squirt bottle with filtered water, a few slices of all natural, organic lavender bar soap and a touch of pure olive oil for some lubrication. So each time I go to use a wipe, a few squirts help to moisten it up. They've worked wonderfully so far, cost nothing to make, and will continue to save money and some lush, green Earth.

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Kaity said...

You are SOOO cleaver!!! I love it!