Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making Baby Things

I desire to make things for Asher. Not just so he can have "things", but so what he does have has been reused, reinvented or made with love from our very own home. One of my first attempts at this was with baby food. So far we've experimented with bananas, avocados and apples. And just one or two of each of those provides servings for several days. Love it.

*Begin with 1 patient baby preferably seated in highchair ready to go. (This is not an ideal first step, but the avocados weren't ripe until the day I wanted to use them.)

*Cut up desired fruit or vegetable and place into your food mill or food processor. Avocados can go directly in the processor, but some fruits and veggies may require steaming beforehand.

*Blend to desired consistency and serve!
Note: Not-so-patient-anymore baby may become messy.

*To store, portion untouched food into mini muffin tins or ice cube trays, cover and freeze. Once frozen, pop out individual portions, seal in a freezer bag or container labeled with the date and defrost individually as needed.

*Optional: Give satisfied-but-messy baby a bath. Our preferred method: the sink.


Anonymous said...

I sooo recommend making your own baby food! It's so cheap! I think for carrots, I made 8 for what I could buy one jar for! Crazy! I also recommend using ice-cube trays if the muffin tray don't "pop" out easily. Have fun :)-sandy

Anonymous said...

You're the cutest momma ever!! Can't wait till I can use all of your fabulous ideas!!

Laura said...

No avocados in the hair? Asher is such a gentleman. I adore the way you are raising him.