Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little Man Weighs In

Well, if you thought that Asher looked a bit scrawny in his one month pics, it's because he is... I always wanted a p-nut baby, but our little guy is not gaining weight the way he should be. The lactation consultant put us on a rigorous feeding schedule over the weekend and have been supplementing some formula, so we are hoping that when we go in tomorrow, he will have gained some weight. It's been exhausting, frustrating and stressful, but we are just trying to do what we need to do and let God handle the rest. Ben has been amazing in every way. He even has decided to cook Monday, Wednesday and Friday which is a HUGE help. It's funny how even though I'm home now, I have so much less time to do "homey' things. We'll let you know how things go and if he is starting to plump up or not! Prayers are welcome :)

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