Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cheddar Bunnies

I have an affection for cheese and pretty much anything cheese flavored. Therefore, Goldfish crackers and Cheez-Its have always been a favorite snack of mine. I usually try to buy the low sodium or whole grain Goldfish for some added nutrition in that cheesy baked snack, but recently I have discovered the cheesiest, as-wholesome-as-you-can-get-in-a-cracker, cracker: Cheddar Bunnies. If you're familiar with some of the natural and organic based companies out there, then you may have heard of Annie's Homegrown. Well Annie has really outdone herself with these Cheddar Bunnies. They are way cheddary and taste much less salty than Goldfish. They are made of all natural and organic ingredients with no additives or preservatives, and did I mention that they taste AMAZING??? I've also started buying Annie's pasta meals for when I need a side dish or something quick and easy- the white cheddar shells and cheese are fab! What I also love about Annie's is that they promote recycling, used recycled materials for their packaging and print with environmentally friends vegetable-based inks, so even though the cost may be a bit more for their products, I totally support the cause.

If you want to learn more about buying organic and natural products (and the dif. between the two) I recommend the book To Buy or Not to Buy Organic by Cindy Burke. I think she does a great job on helping readers discern what is worth the time and money to buy organically and the corners you can cut. It's so easy to get caught up in the "everything is so bad for you and killing our environment" mindset, but this book really helped me to focus on what I wanted to commit to knowing and buying for myself and my family- especially important when you're feeding young ones!


Trinity said...

Love Annie's products...Soph is addicted to those bunnies right now. The white cheddar are good too. Sometimes Big Lots gets Annie's stuff crazy cheap.

Allison said...

i love annie's mac and cheese! lindsay introduced me to it :) yum!