Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emergency Budget Committee Meeting

So tonight as I was knee deep in writing thank-you notes, Ben announced that we needed to have an emergency budget committee meeting. Budget committee meetings are a normal, monthly occurrence in our household, but mid-month and dubbed emergency??? Well, turns out that emergency was a strong word choice; we're basically just navigating what things are going to look like once we start loosing my phatty paycheck come September. Because we track every single penny, it gets complicated for The Keeper of the Books (Ben). All this to say, I always leave our meetings with a greater appreciation for Ben and how he provides and leads in this area. He checks and doubles checks, has buffer upon buffer and while it sometimes seems silly and tedious to me, I know it will be a rare day when we have a true "emergency" budget committee meeting because of my man's blood, sweat and tears. Thank you and we love you Papa! -Sara, Buster, and Baby M.

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