Monday, April 27, 2009

Channelling Your Inner Gargoyle

That was the theme of the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Ann Arbor this past weekend. Ben and Matt Lochtefeld found a 1/2 trail marathon they wanted to run on Sunday, so off we went (Laura too) to this very eccentric but amazing B&B. When we pulled up I thought I heard some sort ware wolf howling in the background and we all starting cracking up. What WAS this place? It was actually an old church and parsonage as we came to find out, but pulling to it with gargoyles in mind gave it an eerie feel.

So if you haven't been to Ann Arbor, you must take a day or two to go stroll around, eat and admire the established homes and neighborhoods-not to mention U of M's campus! We also spent some time at a great store that Laura researched on her quest to get info. on cloth diapers. The Little Seedling was opened by a mom who is apparently quite passionate about babies and baby products. We got all the info. and demos on cloth diapers that we were hoping for. Even the guys found it impressive. Not only that, but they just so happened to be having a raffle at the store that day in which Ben and I won first prize: a nearly $600 stroller! Shoot. Not a bad day. I guess it will all equal out though because we have already dropped some serious cash on diapers there and are registered on their site for many more along with some other goodies. I am pretty pumped about this futuristic stroller though.

Overall, it was just a great weekend of relaxation and time away with friends. The diapers, stroller and gargoyles were just a bonus :)

See more pics of our weekend.

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Erin said...

That place looks sweet!