Tuesday, June 3, 2008


These past months have been filled with milestones: Ben's graduation from his master's program, Gina and Chris's wedding, even Whitmer's graduation this past weekend. I remember watching Ben walk off to campus into the great unknown, being out of school for a good 5 years. Tears filled my eyes watching him with his backpack on make his way down the street.

Gina and I lived all four years in college together; we were a match made in heaven. Or as Gina would explain it: "my first college experience." It was such an honor to stand up for her and Chris as they made their commitment to marriage before God and their friends and family. Chris was the first one of his friends to "take the plunge" and I was so impressed with him for that.

Lastly, the students who were freshmen during my first year of teaching graduated this weekend. Hearing their names announced and seeing them walk across that stage made every moment I ever complained about far, far worth it. There may not always be fruit from labor, but Saturday, it was plentiful.

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