Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Trumpet Children and Lion Kings

Hello friends,

Sara and I had a very fun Labor Day weekend. We had a whirl-wind tour of Ohio; down to Cincy on Friday evening and in Cleveland by Saturday evening. Crazy--but fun. Friday's event was the CD Release show by Over the Rhine celebrating their new CD "The Trumpet Child". It was an amazing show by an amazing band complete with lap slide guitar, piano, upright base, and cookie sheet to name a few instruments. We were blessed to see the show for free because our dear friends Rob and Amy have done some amazing work for the band (For example: the CD cover artwork, a revamped website, etc). It marks my (Ben) 4th time seeing them in concert--I can't wait to go again. We were also blessed to stay at the Chadelaine's beautiful new home in Covington, KY. They happened to be out of town but we tried to leave some good vibes at the house.

We picked up our little guy, Buster, the next day and sped to Cleveland for an enjoyable Labor Day with Sara's friends and family. Laughing with friends at the Barringers, enjoying the chips and salsa at Chili's, and a nice cookout on Monday. We also fit in a showing of the Broadway Musical "The Lion King" which was touring in C-town. I knew Sara loves the theatre and since all we could muster for our anniversary this year was breakfast at Bob Evan's I thought it would be a nice treat.

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David said...

great vibes received. i have only seen otr twice. i used to work at Bob Evans. come back soon!